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St Pete Hidden Cash Paying It Forward with Prize 13

Prize #13 Winner Pays it Forward

Prize #13 winner, @sarahecho, found a completely new way to pay it forward!  She sent us this tweet to tell us about it:

Paid it forward and brought lunch to the wonderful nurses at who have helped to keep my grandma smiling 


Hidden Cash St Pete Prize 13

Prize #13

Prize #13 was scooped by @sarahecho and her family:

family from st pete found the hidden cash! After a second look!

After we congratulated them on the find, they sent us this tweet to let us know that they were already thinking about how they could pay it forward:

brainstorming ideas now… We’ll make sure to share our acts of kindness


@snakeandrat paid 8 southbound skyway tolls #payitforward #karma

Paying it forward with Prize #12

St Pete Hidden Cash Prize 12

Prize #12

Prize #12 was found by a St. Pete city employee with a friend (@snakeandrat) who was following our Twitter feed.  The friend called the city employee and guided him to the cash.  Remember, anyone is welcome to find our cash … we just want you to pay it forward!!

@snakeandrat tweeted us later to let us know how they paid it forward:

paid 8 southbound skyway tolls


Bay News 9: St. Petersburg residents looking for ‘hidden cash’

WMNF 88.5 Interviews Hidden Cash St. Pete Founder

@harleyman88822 payed the tab for a crew of painters at subway.

Paying it forward with Prize #11

St Pete Cash 11

Prize #11

Prize #11 was found by @harleyman88822

time to pay it forward.

He’s promised to check in with us when he pays it forward.  Looking forward to it!

St Pete Cash 10

Prize #10

Unfortunately, this drop did NOT go as planned.  Someone found the drop, took the $100 bill and replaced it with a Target gift card.  The original drop note and the Target gift card were then located by @esteban1337

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